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To ensure that Woodbridge Trust offers the highest quality educational provision to all pupils regardless of need and that we reflect our core values and aims in all that we do.

We strive to:

  • Focus on learning and teaching to achieve the highest possible outcomes for pupils regardless of need

  • Provide positive, engaging learning environments

  • Offer a bold curriculum of opportunity for all that is dynamic, flexible, well-structured and focused on the future

  • Demonstrate effective leadership and governance that permeates the whole organisation and creates a culture of continuous improvement and aspiration

  • Create and sustain a deep culture of continuing professional development for all in a context of shared responsibility, aspiration and evidence-based research

  • Operate a strong strategy for succession planning and talent spotting which creates sustainability at all levels of the trust

  • Provide a model of internal challenge and self-review that is set within a context of clear expectations for all

  • Maintain an outward looking culture that is engaged in local, regional and national networks to ensure the continuous and sustainable development of our academy

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